Top 10 Car Loan Payment Calculators #advance #loans

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Top 10 Car Loan Payment Calculators

If you are never on financial resource sites, this top 10 list of car loan payment calculators should be very helpful.

Standard information you will need to know to calculate your car loan payment :

  • Auto loan amount
  • Length of the loan
  • Interest Rate
  • Start date of the loan
  1. – This is a standalone site which offers the cleanest interface. It allows you to factor in your current vehicle’s trade-in value and the new vehicle s sales tax. This site has you enter the length of the loan in years instead of months. It shows an annual amortization schedule which is handy to determine what you will still owe year after year. The total amount you pay for the vehicle over the term of the loan is also displayed. Beware of a couple of well integrated advertisements close to calculator.
  1. – Probably one of the most popular financial calculators is Bankrate’s. It lets you figure in extra payments, shows the payoff date, and an amortization schedule. The extra payment feature is nice because it shows how just a little extra money each month can really cut the length of your loan.
  2. – If you have not gotten hard numbers from a car salesman has a helpful calculator. It lets you enter in your vehicle s trade-in value and sales tax separately. You can subtract your trade in value from the cost of your new vehicle and add in sales tax to calculate the amount you are financing or list them separately, it is up to you.

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