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Oct 31 2016

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Installment Loans

Personal Line of Credit

Sometime you need a little financial breathing room. With a TCF CommandCredit personal line of credit, you get the flexibility you need, when you need it.

Are you a homeowner?

Questions about your loan

TCF National Bank (TCF) has arrangements with several colleges and universities to offer on-campus banking services to their students and faculty. These services include checking and savings accounts with a linked VISA branded debit card. At the student s option, the student s campus ID card can also double as a debit/ATM card. These banking services do not include a credit card or financial aid disbursement services.

TCF s campus banking services are offered on competitive terms, and are not required for students to receive other services from the school. Taking into account its conveniently located branch offices and ATMs, TCF s campus banking services provide an excellent value for students.

TCF is providing the following information concerning TCF s arrangements with their schools to assist students, and their parents, in making their banking choices.

View a copy of TCF s agreements with St. Cloud State University .


Payment for Each Account (Royalty)

One-Time Payment at start of Agreement and/or One-Time Payment Based on Number of Accounts

Annual Scholarship Funding

Reimbursement for Supplies

Additional Payments for Branch Office Space

Additional Payments for ATM Space

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