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As if staggering unemployment and an economic crisis weren t enough, college students will also have to deal with tuition increases this fall. The tuition at public colleges increased by 6.5 percent, while private colleges raised their tuition by 4.4 percent. Check out our list of the ten schools with the biggest tuition bills here.

What happens if you don’t get the score you were hoping for on your SATs? Don’t worry, you may still be able to retake your test and get a better score. Check out our helpful guide to improving your SAT score here!

Many former college students out there are working in the public sector in order to pay off their student loans. They aren t in the public sector for all the money they make from the government – rather they are taking advantage of a program that will allow their student loan debt to be forgiven after 10 years.

For the first time in several years, 2009 graduates saw their salaries fall, mainly because of the recession. While engineering majors tended to see salary gains, business and liberal arts majors saw their salaries decline. With higher student loan borrowing, students may have a more difficult time paying off their loans.

The locale of a college needs to be considered when selecting a school. Some cities are better suited to give the best all-around experience. Here are the Top 20 college cities in each of three large to small metro area categories.

You were on the fast track to graduation, now get on the fast track to student loan consolidation.

How Student Loan Consolidation Works

We offer two basic types of student loan consolidation: federal loan consolidation and private student loan consolidation. Both of these programs serve the same purpose – they bundle your student loans into one convenient package to reduce your payments and interest rates. With federal loan consolidation, your loan will be federally guaranteed but provided by a private lender. Federal loan consolidation programs are free, which means you will not pay any application or origination fees. Federal student loan consolidation does not require a credit check. Private student loan consolidation, on the other hand, is much like any other loan you would receive from a financial institution. It is credit-based and usually has certain fees associated with it.

Why Consolidate Online?

Student loan consolidation can be confusing, especially if you don’t recall all the stuff you agreed to when you took out your first loan 4 or 5 years ago. Our online loan evaluation tool pulls up your loan terms other helpful information with just a few clicks, and everything you need to know is laid out neatly in front of you seconds later.

Compare offers and payment plans with ease online and at your own pace. works with the nation’s top student loan consolidators to offer you several repayment methods, lengths, and rates. We help you choose the lender that will fit your current financial situation best!

We help any student at any stage so whether you’re a recent grad with $80,000 or a student who plans on continuing your education later on, we have a consolidation plan just for you.

Choosing the Right Company

There are hundreds of student loan providers out there. but how do you know which is right for you? is not a lender; we work with the nation’s leading college loan providers to bring you offers that are easy to compare in one handy location. Some lenders offer discounts, others offer payment options that adjust with your salary – but which ones are they? We can help! Just tell us a little about your financial situation repayment preferences and we’ll screen the lenders for you.

Don’t commit to the first company to mail your home, especially when they don’t fully disclose the terms of your loan arrangement. Our loan finder tool explains the full process you can expect when working with a specific provider in plain English, which means no surprises are in store a few years down the line!

Get started now and see why over 500,000 students have used us for their student loan consolidation needs!

Apply Now for Student Loan Consolidation

Start saving money on your student loans with student loan consolidation today. Fill out our free application for student loan consolidation by clicking apply now wherever you see it on our site. Our application is easy and will take you only a few minutes to fill out. You don’t even have to know the details of your student loan portfolio – we can help you with that. Take the first step to lower monthly payments by applying for student loan consolidation today!

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