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Feb 14 2018

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National Loans – Serving South Africa

National loans is a leader in the micro lending service, especially when it comes to providing loans where you may be turned away. Blacklisted, or black listed is not entirely a true condition, as you can be offered credit where others don’t. Every lender has their own criteria, so why not try us? At national loans we strive to provide you a loan. Of course not always will your personal circumstances warrant a loan, but we work hard for you, and sometimes even when you have bad credit rating and scores, we can.

We are proud to announce that we are offering an new product to our clients.


We at Nationalloans are the viable alternative to the traditional method of obtaining funds to purchase your own home assisting you with a 100% bond which can include transfer duties and all other legal costs, at a very affordable locked in interest rate.

Do you qualify to apply for a Home loan?

Are you a business owner paying your bills but unable to get a loan?

Do you have a bad credit rating, under debt review or been sequestrated and you are currently paying rent and have the stability to pay a bond?

In the current South African Market there are people who want to buy property but due to their credit rating and the bank s strict criteria on granting bonds, they are unable to obtain a bond.

Email: your name, email address and the word BOND in the subject line to [email protected] Call: 079 012 9867 or Whatsapp your name, email address and the word BOND to 082 5992166 and we will send you more info on how we can assist you with a bond

African bank loans

It’s never been so easy to get financial services from loan companies, as everything is increasingly more and more online. We too do personal loans via our online form.

Use any of the options to get your online loan, so don’t wait apply online now

Loans from R500-R100 000.

No Branch visits! Online Application! Completely Secure!

Document Requirements

Fax these documents to 086 5921 525 or mail to [email protected]

What documents do I need?

  • A clear copy of South African ID Document (Your face must be clearly visible)
  • 3 months bank statements (showing at least 3 salary deposits)
  • Latest pay slip (Your official payslip with employer information)

Get Financial Freedom Now!


We at Nationalloans know how difficult it is to get a home loan.

We would like to help, we are helping in all areas

Please forward me your email address for more info.

Whether you are blacklisted, sequestrated, under debt review, have a low credit score or even if you do qualify at a bank but they don’t give 100% bond and you can’t give a deposit.

Cant get a loan at your bank? Are you blacklisted? We also do blacklisted loans.

Being blacklisted isn’t an issue with us.

Don’t let a bad credit rating ruin your life

Are you 21 years or older, permanently employed for 6 months minimum, earning a minimum net salary of R2,000 a month and are in the possession of a bank account and SA green bar coded ID, then you could qualify for this loan!

How to apply for a Home loan or personal loan?

Apply for a online loan using our quick online form

Fill in the form accurately and email to [email protected] or fax back to 086 592 1525 with ID, latest payslip, 3 months bank statements.

Fast. Effortless. Simple

National Loans: Since 1997

National Loans is a Cashtech brand, and we have been running since 1997. Over the years we have provided many people with the funds to accomplish their goals and improve their lives.

We are based in Mafikeng, North West Province, South Africa

Tel: 079 012 9867

National Loans do cash loans of up R100 000

All people are welcome, and we try to help even those with low credit rating.

We try to live to the words

We deal with queries or complaints via our contact form, so if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to send us a message and we will promptly help resolve any issues.

National Loans also provides Home Loans


We @ Nationalloans know how difficult it is to get home finance.

Please forward me your email address for more info.

African bank loans

Who qualifies?

*First Time Buyers

*Low Credit Score

*Refinance of Property

*Buy a Second or Investment

*Business Owner or Self

No deposit needed

We finance transfer costs

Minimum bond R400 000

We aim to say YES when others say NO!

No hidden charges Completely secure!

Our National Branch: Tel: 079 012 9867| Fax: 086 5921 525 | Email: [email protected]

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National Loans is ‘national’, catering for South African loan applications nationwide. Contact us for short term loans from anywhere in South Africa

National Loans is a South African company, providing loans to South Africans.

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