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Oct 30 2016

SBI Home Loan Calculator – Loan Calculators #debt #relief

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SBI Home Loan Calculator

SBI Home Loan Calculator

If you are searching for an online home loan calculator from State bank of India, and please be informed that the SBI home loan calculator which is available on their website is a very crude and trivial form of home loan calculator. The web page on the State bank of India official website of State bank of India, on which SBI home loan calculator is available, is not easily searchable.

This web page easing doesn t figure in the Google search for the term “SBI home loan calculator”. The calculator is buried deep down in the user menu of the SBI website. Even if you find it out, it won t be of any use because it doesn t take into account the present official interest rates applicable on SBI home loans and also the official SBI home loan calculator doesn t provide you the amortization schedule. You can have a look at the following image of SBI Home loan calculator available on the official website.

Alternative To SBI Home Loan Calculator

Instead of using official SBI home loan calculator, we would recommend you to find out the current applicable interest rates on the home loans provided by SBI and then use any of the online calculators for calculating the amortization schedule. You can also use the amortization schedule template available on this website for free download. This loan calculator template will allow you to calculate the amount of each monthly payment and also calculate the value of the interest component and the principal repayment component which constitute the total monthly payment, also called EMI.

This customized SBI home loan calculator will help you a great deal to plan your finances for the repayment of your home loan. This calculator, downloaded freely from this website, is also has the provision to calculate the effects of additional payments – either in the form of lump-sum payments or in the form of additional monthly payments along with the EMI due.

Download SBI Home Loan Calculator

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