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Latest Quick Cash Loan Complaint

Major Scam Beware

On: July 31, 2014

By: Mrs. Right

I filled out a form for a small cash loan for $500. I received a call from someone identifying himself with quickcashloans, he claimed his name was Tom Williams but his voice was laced with a major foreign accent. He said in order to get the loan I had purchase a greendot MoneyPak I had never heard of this type of card. He said I needed to put $50 on it to secure my loan.

After I did this, I have him the card number and he said he needed more money for the loan- another $65, then another $85 and finally he said he needed $200 all on one card because his system didn t recognize the three different cards. Because he said the money on the card would go to pay the interest, I did what he said at first.

Then, realizing this was a scam, I requested the documentation that I was promised, but he said it could only be sent after everything was processed and my loan was still incomplete. I refused to supply more money, told him I would fight through my credit card company, the greendot MoneyPak company, better business and the US Attorney General.

He called back repeatedly trying to get me to state that I was cancelling my loan requested releasing quickcashloans of all monies paid. I wold not, I continued to insist that he could just do the loan for the $200 I had paid and send the documentation on paying any interest.



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