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Need A Quick Payday Loan?

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application made as simple as possible

If You Need Cash Sorted ONLINE

Cash Sorted is a credit broker who presents a fast and simple solution to the problem when your pay day is just too far away.

Cash Sorted will not charge any arrangement fee, set-up fees, or any other hidden costs. If you are experiencing serious debt problems, you can get free advice from The National Debtline. StepChange Debt Charity and the Citizens Advice.

Quick Payday Loans

Friendly and Efficient

Our aim is to give our customers exactly what they need by keeping it all hassle free as we try to match each applicant to our best available lender. If your application is approved it is paramount that you abide by the terms and conditions and be sure to repay your loan on the due date that is agreed. It’s advisable to try and coincide that with your next monthly salary payment hitting your account to keep things simple. We realise the importance of our clients privacy and are therefore careful in not informing their employers of any personal finances.

Collection Practices and Implications of Non-Payment

We advise you to only consider a payday loan as a short term solution. If you think you may not be able to repay your loan on the due date, it is paramount you make your lender aware as soon as possible so they may inform you of the options available. Each lender has their own conditions and late payment may result in an extra charge so please be aware of the terms of your agreement. If an issue cannot be resolved, then the lender may pass your debt to a third party collections agency if they so wish. Non-payment can potentially impact your credit score which may result with problems for you to obtain credit in the future.

Renewal Policy

The operator of this website is not a lender and unable to make credit decisions. Personal, financial and employment details given by you are used to secure your loan with the lender chosen from our select panel of UK Payday Loan Lenders. Our system stores the data electronically until the application is completed and then it is removed.

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