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Dec 2 2019

New Jersey Mortgage Loans, First Lenders Mortgage, first option mortgage.

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First Lenders Mortgage

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  • First option mortgage

  • First option mortgage

  • First option mortgage

  • First option mortgage

    New Jersey Mortgage Rates

    We are the premier source of financing for New Jersey Mortgage Loans. We educate our clients about every option available so they have the power to make informed decisions about what’s right for them. If your looking for New Jersey Mortgage financing then look no further than First Lenders Mortgage of New Jersey!

    NJ FHA

    Our New Jersey FHA mortgage loans allow for purchasing a home with little down and secure fixed rates. Refinance with an FHA loan. No cost refinancing with NO CREDIT SCORE qualifying.

    NJ Jumbo

    We offer Jumbo mortgage Loans for your purchase or refinancing needs up to $10 Million with rates among the lowest in the country. Loans are considered jumbo loans when they exceed $424,100.

    NJ COnforming

    Our New Jersey conforming loans allow for low fixed rate purchase and refinance mortgage loans. NJ loans are loans under $424,100 with full documentation.

    First option mortgage

    documentation List

    Lending guidelines sure have gotten tougher over the past year. Lenders are requiring more and more documentation than ever before! As a result, we at First Lenders Mortgage thought it would be a good idea to provide an “UPDATED” list of what is required by banks when applying for a mortgage! You most likely DID NOT have to provide some of these the last time you applied for a loan. These are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines and apply to all lenders!

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