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Dec 2 2016

Lawsuit Loans, Pre Settlement Funding, Lawsuit Cash Advance #100 #day #loans

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Pre Settlement Funding

If it has an engine, wings, wheels or a propeller and you can drive it, fly it or otherwise steer it, and you can insure it, crash it and get seriously injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence while you’re doing it, in all likelihood we can do a lawsuit cash advance on it when you sue someone because of it.

If you were injured, maimed or killed on, by or because of some aspect of someone else’s negligent ownership of their personal, residential, retail or commercial property, we can certainly help.

If a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider did when they shouldn’t have, or didn’t when they should have, and their actions resulted in serious injury, permanent disability or death, and you’ve got an attorney and expert witnesses who can prove it in a court of law, we can do a lawsuit advance while you go through it.

We only consider funding on product liability cases that resulted in either major permanent injuries, serious disabilities or death.

If you have sued an employer for practically any legitimate cause and you have an attorney and strong proof, we can probably give you an advance while you wait for it to settle.

If you got hurt at work, we will help.

Is Legal Funding Right For Me?

Settlement loans are approved based on the strength and merit of your case, not on your individual credit score or personal assets.

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