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May 25 2017

Intra-family Loan, Loan Money to Friends, Loan Money to Family #embrace #home #loans

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Financial Support from those who love you most

Borrowing or lending to a family member or friend?

Starting a business and borrowing from family and friends?

Are Mom & Dad loaning you money for a car or travel?

Intra Family Loan to earn more interest than you can get at a bank?

Intra family loans don’t have to be awkward. Especially if they are for a good reason and you have a clear agreement and repayment plan. ZimpleMoney makes for your intra family loan convenient, reliable and safe. If you don’t ask the answer is always no…so start asking, formalize your agreement and get started with ZimpleMoney!

  • Convenient and simple online set-up
  • Customize the loan to fit your needs
  • Automated billing, notices and payment collection
  • Automatically manages loan ledgers and note accounting
  • Electronic payment alerts and notices
  • No limit on the amount you can borrow
  • Multiple parties can be lenders and borrowers
  • Send one payment and let ZimpleMoney distribute money to your family and friends
  • Lenders receive notices of payments and deposits go directly to their specified accounts
  • Track gifted principal payments
  • Convenient online tax data
  • Share business data and documents

ZimpleMoney takes the time, frustration and poor memory out of family and friend loans and intra family loans.

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