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Jan 24 2018

How to take IDBI Bank Home Loan Statement Online, idbi home loan.#Idbi #home #loan

How to take IDBI Bank Home Loan Statement Online

The IDBI Bank is one of the few banks in India to offer you lower interest rates, lesser fees for processing your loan request and above all an easy and convenient tenure that can make the repayment really a comfortable process for you.

The IDBI bank is a Govt undertaking bank however they have changed their working way to outlook. If you go to any one of the IDBI bank you will feel that you came to a private sector bank

Armed with schemes for both salaried and non-salaried people, IDBI Bank offers great scope for building dream homes.

Idbi home loan

Let s check how to apply for IDBI home loan online and thereafter how to check the home loan statement of IDBI bank online

Highlights of the loan facility from IDBI Bank

  • Hassle free documentation- A number of banks in India lay emphasis on getting various documents to know your ability as a loan-taker for making repayment. But you will find the charm while filing your application for the loan, when a representative will guide you about the easy but best way that you can take to apply.
  • Get highest sanction- This is something easily said than done in many banking institutions while applying for a housing loan. In fact, banks simply say your expectation for the amount is exaggerated as per your eligibility. But this is a far cry, when it comes to IDBI bank as it takes care to give you the highest amount to make the purchase of your dream home possible.
  • Reducing balance- As you go on paying EMI, the balance of the loan amount goes on reducing. To add to it, interest is charged on the remaining balance. This is truly a great feature.
  • Get the service at your doorstep- When you intend to get a home loan, you can ask for the technical and legal assistance from the bank to get you the best in home loan facility from the bank.
  • Individual selection of rates- You can select between fixed rate of interest and flexible rate of interest to make the repayment easy for you.

How can you apply for IDBI home loan?

You can even apply for the home loan online. Just login to this page and click on the webpage on the link of the loan application to apply online. You can visit your local branch and file your application there.

How can you take IDBI home loan statement online?

  • To get your IDBI home loan statement online, first login to the official page here and click on Go button under Net Banking as shown below:

Idbi home loan

  • A new pop up window will appear, click on continue to login:

Idbi home loan

  • It will give you the login page and you can login with your customer ID and IPIN Password with the help of your virtual keyboard.

Idbi home loan

  • As you login, inside the IDBI online portal, click on to “loan accounts” displayed on the top of the page.

Idbi home loan

  • Now you can see the Select option on to the Right Hand Side, click on drop down menu and select Account Statement and lastly click on Go button.

Idbi home loan

Now it will display the loan statement on to the same page, enjoy!!

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