How to Get Government Interest Free Loan for up to 10 Years #subsidized #student #loans

#interest free loan

Things You’ll Need

Instead of PAYING interest, get an interest free loan from the government. This is in the form of social security. There is a loophole that allows you to draw the Social security check and use it as you desire. So first you need to have a social security check and a bank account.

Make a plan. Consult with financial adviser for the best way to invest the social security money with low risk and fairly safe returns. Diversify investments reserving the principle to return to social security funds in about 10 years.

Some ideas would be notes, Cd’s, bonds. You can use the proceeds to invest in higher risk things if you and advisers deem it wise. Do not risk your basic money (principle).

At the time deemed to be best for your finances, return all the social security monthly payments minus taxes paid. File the form SSA521 as shown in resource box.

You will deduct any taxes paid over past years from the principle (social security money). This makes the money tax free and interest free. Please make sure to track the news regarding changes in this procedure.

At the time deemed best opt back in to the social security and you will have an instant raise in the funds sent to you monthly. Since the cost of living will have gone up you may need to use some of the money from that social security check, but still should have some set aside for investing.

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