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May 19 2019

#Homes for sale near $ #Video

#Homes #for #sale #near

#Homes for sale near $ #Video, REMMONT.COM

Homes for sale near

Homes for sale near

If you’re in search of lake homes for sale, consider Kentucky Lake, in western Kentucky. Known as the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River, Kentucky Lake is an outdoor haven for anglers, boaters, hunters, and beach bums alike. There’s just as much to do off the water as on. From sunbathing to bird watching to pontoon boating, everything the lake has to offer is at your fingertips.

It’s difficult to imagine just how large Lake Kentucky actually is: boasting 160,000 surface acres of water and 2,300 miles of shoreline, the lake offers itself as a natural sanctuary for all to savor. Anglers especially appreciate the size and scope of the lake, and they look to its waters for premium fishing year-round. Each season highlights different species of fish and different types of fishing. Think big in the summer, when catfish hunting is at its peak. The season to fish for crappie is late winter into May, and spring ushers in the black bass along the shoreline. It’s not surprising, then, that professional fishing tournaments are hosted on the lake throughout the year. With a never-ending fishing season to enjoy, you always have a good reason to keep your rod close at hand! Kentucky Lake is a boat-lover’s paradise, offering the space, water quality, and spectacular scenery needed for a true romp on the waves. You’ll find pontoons, powerboats, deck boats, and even houseboats on the lake, along with jet skis, kayaks, rafts, and other personal watercrafts. You’re also certain to find people enjoying the beach just as much as the lake, letting the day drift by with the passing of clouds as they soak up the rays. And every inch of Lake Kentucky’s 2,300 miles of shoreline is easily accessible from the lake homes for sale—now that’s quite a backyard!

Another unique feature of Kentucky Lake is that it is bordered to the east by another nature wonderland of sorts: the Land Between the Lakes is a 170,000-acre outdoor recreation reserve where you can hunt, cycle, camp, hike, and absorb the splendor of the region. Another way to appreciate the scenery is to visit any of Kentucky Lake’s 25 neighboring golf courses, like Marvel, Mineral Mounds, Birmingham Pointe, and Benton Golf and Country Club. If you’re interested in living on a Kentucky Lake golf course, check out for property listings.

Lakefront homes are surrounded by unparalleled outdoor accommodations and small-town hospitality. Head to Murray, in nearby Calloway County, for family-friendly dining and entertainment. The whole town turns out for the annual Ice Cream Festival, and the Kentucky Lumberjack Challenge reminds participants and spectators that plaid never goes out of style.

TVA Lake that is the largest reservoir in the Eastern US.

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#Homes for sale near $ #Video REMMONT.COM

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