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Apr 14 2019

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Session.supporter not defined is your best source on the Internet for completely unbiased information on preferred stocks and other exchange-traded income investments. The basic goal of our website is to make it as easy as possible for income investors to easily find good income investments via the QuantumOnline (QOL) website. See our Income Tables menu above for comprehensive lists of all exchange-traded income securities trading on the major U.S. stock exchanges. We also cover a variety of other exchange-traded securities such as REITS, Closed-end Funds, ETFs, Royalty Trusts, etc. that can offer additional possibilities to income investors. See our Stock Lists menu for these securities.

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  • NOTE: We do require QuantumOnline users to register with QOL before using the tables and lists of income securities. The registration is free, with no obligation, and all information provided is kept private to QuantumOnline. To register, click on the “Register” button above and follow the instructions.
  • For a Quick Start introduction to QuantumOnline website, click here .
  • For a comprehensive Tour of the QuantumOnline website, use the Tour of QuantumOnline .
  • For Registration and Login Help, please click here .
  • To access the income securities tables and lists, use the “Income Tables”, “Income Lists”, “Stock Lists” or “Special Lists” menus above and then select and click on the table or list of your choice. Clicking on the “Table Descriptions” or “List Descriptions” at the top of each menu will give you a summary page describing the contents of each individual table or list on the menu.
  • For general information on income investing and on the QuantumOnline website, use the “Information” menu above and then click on your choice of the available information pages. Clicking on the “Information Pages” selection at the top of the menu will give you a summary page describing what information is included on each information page.
  • The “Quick Search” at the upper left of this page (and all pages) will allow you to find individual securities by either their ticker symbol or CUSIP number. Before searching for preferred and income securities by ticker symbol, you should read our “Preferred Ticker Symbols and Names” page under the Information menu which will help explain the very confusing system of ticker symbols used with preferred and income securities. The Quick Search Symbol Lookup will find securities by name. To find securities by name, input a distinctive word or two (i.e. citigroup, merrill lynch, etc.) and press enter. The search will produce a list of all securities that include the input word(s). All searches are case insensitive so you can input upper or lower case letters in any combination.
  • The credit ratings and other detailed comparison information on the preferred and income securities are on the Income Tables (not on the stock lists). To see the tables, use the “Income Tables” menu above. Note that the tables can be sorted by clicking on any underlined column heading. hide

Newsletter Subscriptions

QuantumOnline offers subscriptions to the Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor newsletter. more

QuantumOnline also offers subscriptions to the ETF Investor newsletter from Forbes/Lehman in addition to the Income Securities Investor newsletter. See our Services menu above for details.

Support Us

The QuantumOnline website is completely supported by voluntary user contributions. If our income investing information is useful to your income investing activities, please become a QuantumOnline supporter so that we can continue to offer this information to you. Click on the above “Become a QuantumOnline Supporter” link for further information.

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News and Tips

  • NEWS – 5/12/09 – The Click for Ex-div Date link was changed to the Yahoo Finance quote as MarketWatch had dropped the ex-div date from their quote listing.
  • NEWS – 3/29/09 – We completely updated our Home Page to better introduce our website to users.
  • TIP – See our Information menu at the top of any page for a variety of useful information on income securities.
  • TIP – Use our Quick Start on QuantumOnline for a fast introduction to the QuantumOnline website.
  • TIP – Try the Income Securities Screening Form to help in your research.
  • TIP – Credit Ratings are shown on the Income Security tables and on the individual security pages.
  • TIP – See the three IPO lists under the Special Lists menu for information on recent IPOs of our listed securities.
  • TIP – Use our Quick Search to locate our information on individual securities by inputting either their ticker symbol or CUSIP number.
  • TIP – Before attempting to Search for preferreds by ticker symbol or to buy preferreds online, you need to read our Preferred Ticker Symbol and Names page.
  • TIP – New income investors should read our What Income Investors Should Know page which you will find on our Information menu.

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