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Home Equity Loan

Mortgage lenders from BD Nationwide offer popular equity loans for cash out refinancing, house repairs, debt consolidation and much more. For over a decade we have been connecting homeowners with lenders that offer a smooth path to cheap money with affordable home equity mortgages and credit lines for financing home remodeling and consolidating debt. We believe the “home equity loan” is an excellent vehicle for homeowners to raise capital, refinance debt and fund home improvement projects. We are proud to be able to match people with home equity loans that best meet their needs and qualifications. Have you been searching for lenders that provide a wide selection of fixed equity loan programs and second mortgages? BD Nationwide offers all types of equity mortgage loans in 1st or 2nd position with home equity plans for fixed rate installment loans or revolving credit lines. With the market conditions improving, now is an excellent time to get a professional quote on an equity loan with no lender fees.

Compare Home Equity Mortgage Lenders for Rates and Terms

Talk to industry leading lenders that remain some of the last premiere home equity bankers who still offer financing for people with no equity. We offer prime equity mortgages and lines for people with good credit and subprime equity loan plans for borrowers with bad credit. Nationwide is focused on remaining an industry leader for high LTV equity loans and refinancing transactions. In a recent article, IHE Account Executive Dan Ambrose said, “No broker has a better understanding of home equity loans.”

Choose between Fixed Rate Equity Loans & Variable Rate Credit Lines

Compare a fixed rate home equity mortgage loan to a revolving line of credit. Both are tax deductible but the equity loan has the security of a fixed interest rate and the credit line rate will fluctuate with market conditions.

Did you know that home equity loans are more difficult to qualify for these days because of the dramatic rise defaults? For people with fair or less than perfect credit, we suggest getting cash out with a refinance loan insured by the FHA because they require very little equity. FHA does not offer home equity financing, but they do allow consumers to take out equity loans to subordinate to FHA first liens. Borrowers can get cash back in a home loan from 85% loan to value.

Consider the “stated income” home equity loans that allow first time homebuyers to qualify for loans without having to document their income. Remember, an equity loan that requires less documentation usually requires a lot more equity. Getting an equity loan approved without income documentation will typically require higher credit scores. (FYI- Most stated programs have been placed on hold).

Lock into a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan while the interest rates are affordable with no equity required. If you would rather not refinance your 1st mortgage, but need cash out for consolidating debt or financing home improvements, then our home equity lenders are here to help you maximize your home’s equity will minimizing the cost of refinancing. Cash out equity loan and home refinancing volumes have increased significantly this year, and the consumer demand is sure to drive expanded guidelines for larger loan amounts. Today’s equity mortgage loan programs have created new opportunities for homeowners to get quick access to money that is tax deductible in most instances. (Discuss current requirements for loan to value with a home equity loan lender as LTV guidelines change frequently.)

Credit Requirements. Lately, the trend for home equity mortgages is approved for applicants with good credit. Borrowers that need a mortgage for people with bad credit are seeking FHA or hard money. (Please be aware that most lenders have a minimum fico score for equity loan products. If you meet the LTV requirements, some private money lenders may waive minimum credit score requirements on some hard money programs.)

Get More Home Equity Loan Info and Learn What It Takes to Qualify for Extra Cash to Complete a House Remodel or Refinancing High Rate Credit Card Debt!

In many instances, home equity loans offer quick cash to homeowners who want an affordable monthly payment that is tax deductible like their first mortgage. Borrowers like the home equity lender partners at Nationwide because they offer second mortgages that meet their needs without requiring them to refinance their first mortgage loan if it does not benefit them. We’ll help you find online equity loans that continue to open the doors of opportunities for homeowners looking to leverage their equity with tax-free cash. Discuss tax deductibility with a tax attorney or certified public accountant that is up to speed on the IRS and rules for equity loan deductions. Learn more from the FTC about home equity lines .

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