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Mar 29 2017

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Why Direct Legal Funding

We are experts in Auto Accident. Personal Injury. Workers Compensation, Settlement Loans and Other loans. If your loan does not settle, we do not get paid. Bank staff are paid whether you obtain a home loan or not, so they are not as likely to work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Your interest rate will be just the same as if you were dealing directly with a Bank or Lender yourself, sometimes even cheaper. Our business is built on referrals – hence, it is in our best interests to ensure that you obtain a legal loan from us as fast as possible so that you are satisfied. We also keep our Clients well informed beyond Settlement. Our valuable information alert service provides you with relevant information on the settlement loan, updates on Lenders/products, and special offers that may be of interest to you.

Who Can Apply for Settlement Loan?

If you plan to file a lawsuit and are represented by an attorney, or have filed a lawsuit and are awaiting the trial or settlement of your case or payment of your settlement or award, you can apply for a lawsuit cash advance. Direct Legal Funding provides lawsuit cash advances to Auto Accident  , Personal Injury ,   Workers Compensation and plaintiffs in paying their bills, and give attorneys time to build stronger cases.Qualifying for Lawsuit Loans

While personal injury cases are the most common litigation used with lawsuit loans, many kinds of cases qualify for this type of financing. They include medical and legal malpractice, wrongful death, wrongful termination, breach of contract, sexual harassment, employment discrimination and product liability.

For Direct Legal Funding, lawsuit loans are purely a way of helping people. If you lose your case, we walk away with nothing. But if you win, we have a legal right to share your settlement. This right is based on the lien that gets placed on your case to secure your legal advance. The lien gives us a legal claim to be repaid when your case is settled.

Given the high risk involved, the companies financing legal loans charge a fee for the services they provide. But if your case wins, you ll probably walk away with more money than you would have if you settled early-even after repaying your settlement loan. But if you loose then you owe nothing if you get lawsuit loans from Direct Legal.

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