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Aug 23 2017

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Available Courses / Computer Science

Computer science is the field of education which encompasses the different applications of computer and the programming aspects related to the same. There are a lot of different languages and platforms which can be used in the field of computers and this is why one needs a clear and thorough understanding of the subject matter.

In our computer science video lectures, you will find a great deal of courses that will concentrate upon the different aspects of computer science. We have lectures devoted to principles of engineering system design which will take you through the basics of how computer science and engineering go hand in hand.

Further, the concepts of algorithm need to be thoroughly built and our video lectures will concentrate upon the same. We have also offered detailed and systematic lectures upon different types of computing like parallel computing, innovative computing, high performance computing and more.

Once you have grasped these topics, you can then move ahead and deal with the core programming topics like JavaScript, ruby programming, visual basic, artificial intelligence and more. There are diverse kinds of programming languages and our online videos are so made that it will offer you complete details of each one of them.

We also have lectures devoted to network security, cryptography, oracle database and more. Even if you want to gain proficiency in the field of UNIX, you are sure to find the same as it is definitely going to assist you.

The online video tutorials are so designed that it will offer you a systematic way of thoroughly exploring every single aspect related to programming ranging from design to database handling, schema design and a lot more. Feel free to devote the right amount of time to different lectures and based upon the same, you can improve your overall proficiency in the subject.

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