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Home Loans Australia

Privacy. Your privacy is important to us. See our privacy statement for more information.

Home Loans Australia provides a free service to help you find the right home loan from a big selection of Australia’s leading home loan specialists.

Whether you are looking for the best available home loan – or just want to find out whether you can qualify, Home Loans Australia can help.

with a fast pre-assessment of your eligibility to borrow the amount that you require,

  • connect you directly to a car loan specialist from our extensive external broker network to to

    search multiple lenders and determine the best car loan options available to you and

  • arrange a fast approval and settlement of your loan so that you can complete your car purchase in the quickest possible time. with the minimum of fuss.

  • To assist you in finding the right loan provider we invite you to complete a free online home loan eligibility application . Simply complete our one-page home loan eligibility application form and we’ll report back to you with the best home loan offers available. No charge. No obligation.

    You are also free to use our online Australian home loan repayment calculator . to help you work out what you can afford to borrow.

    Knowledge is power! So we’ve also included an extensive glossary of Australian home loan terms to help you gain a better understanding of some of the jargon commonly used in the mortgage finance industry.

    We have added a Australian home loans links page – where you can access a range of other services that you will find useful in arranging your Australian home loan.

    Not yet ready to buy?

    Use our free eligibility assessment to find out how much you can afford to borrow now and, when you are ready to go real estate shopping, you can do so with the confidence of being pre-approved!

    Just complete the simple, one-page home loan eligibility application form and a fully qualified, professional mortgage consultant will set out your options for achieving what you want to do.

    If you do not currently qualify automatically to borrow enough money to buy your dream house right now, your mortgage consultant can help you by:-

    explaining all of the options and alternatives that may currently be available to you;

  • showing you exactly what more you need to do in order to borrow the amount you need now;
  • outlining exactly what you will need to do in order to qualify at some time in the future and;
  • maintaining contact with you to provide ongoing information and assistance as you require until you are ready to buy.

  • How we work for you!

    We do not rely on automated software to provide instant mortgage finance recommendations. because we believe that no software can completely comprehend the specific needs of any individual in determining the most appropriate mortgage products or options.

    When you apply for a free assessment on this website your application will be reviewed by a qualified professional who will then utilise the latest product analysis research and technology in order to tailor an individual recommendation and product comparisons appropriate to your personal circumstances.

    Therefore it is important, when you complete your eligibility assessment application, that you answer all questions as completely and as accurately as possible.

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