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Mobile Computing FAQ

  1. I never received my uCentral serial number
  • Mobile Device Recommendations

    We highly recommend that students purchase either the Apple iPod Touch as it is the device that we are best equipped to support, the one you choose depends on how much storage you want for media and other software, the required software takes up a small percentage of the iPod’s storage space. If you are interested in purchasing a different device, such as a SmartPhone, we recommend Apple iPhone, Android phones (Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible, etc. ), BlackBerry Pearl (8100 series)*, BlackBerry Curve (83002 series)*, BlackBerry Bold*, BlackBerry 8830 series*, BlackBerry Storm*, any SmartPhone running Google Android or any SmartPhone or PDA running Windows Mobile 6 with at least 32MB of RAM.

    *Note: Your BlackBerry device will need data coverage unless it can connect to wi-fi networks and internet sites.

  • How can I get files (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) onto my iPod/iPhone?

    The fastest/easiest way is to e-mail them to your self. See: How to setup BuckeyeMail on the iPod touch/iPhone. Once setup, you can just go into your mail and tap on the attachment to view it.

  • How can I get files (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) onto my Blackberry?

    Blackberry devices vary from model to model and carrier to carrier. You should consult your cell phone provider to get the most accurate information. Some devices come installed with a program called Documents to Go which will allow you to view most files. Other models you will need to convert documents to .txt files in order to view them.

  • How do I setup BuckeyeMail on my iPod touch/iPhone?
  • How do I setup BuckeyeMail on my Blackberry?
  • How do I setup OSU Campus Wireless? On the iPod touch/iPhone?

    Follow the instructions at Please note, the wireless network in Newton Hall is not OSU Wireless, information about that network will be sent to you prior to the quarter.

  • How do I copy documents to a Windows Mobile PDA/Smart Phone

    Follow the instructions posted here. There is also a short walkthrough video posted, watch it here .

  • What software do I need to have on my mobile device?

    BSN students will need to have the Unbound Medicine uCentral software, which includes 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Davis’s Drug Guide, Bright Futures, Drug Interaction Facts, Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, Red Book and Taber’s. BSN Student will also need to have Skyscape Archimedes and a Nursing Diagnosis Handbook that is part of their text book purchase. Graduate Entry students should consult their instructors for Autumn quarter for software requirements.

    Support Information

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