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by Paul Gilkes The U.S. Mint will open sales at noon ET July 11 for the Uncirculated 2017-P Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce silver quarter dollar. The product is limited to a maximum release of 25,000 coins, and no household ordering limit is in place. The price is $149.95 per coin.

by As collectors know, coins are not only coveted for their intrinsic value and rarity, but because they are works of art as well. One of the most beautiful coins still being minted today is the American Gold Eagle.

by Arthur L. Friedberg The focal point of the June 1 and 2 Toronto Coin Expo was not the bourse floor of more than 50 dealers, but the accompanying sale held by Geoffrey Bell Auctions.

by Coin World 2016 has been a huge year for the precious metals market. You probably knew that. Now read an exclusive report about how you can best take advantage of a gold and silver buying opportunity that likely won’t come back around for several years.

by Paul Gilkes When collectors think of “mule errors,” the U.S. coin that probably comes to mind first is the dateless piece pairing the State quarter dollar obverse, depicting George Washington, and the Sacagawea dollar eagle reverse. But several other significant mules exist, all mysterious and all rare. For the uninitiated, a mule error coin is a piece struck with two dies that.

by Paul Gilkes The marketing of a currently unique two-headed 2000-P Jefferson 5-cent coin struck with two obverse dies is generating a buzz in numismatic circles. Lengthy discussions have been posted on the U.S. Coins Forum of the Collectors Universe Message Boards. Mike Byers from Mike Byers Inc. in Las Vegas, Nev. currently owns the coin and is offering it with a price tag.

by William T. Gibbs An example of one of the most researched and yet still most mysterious coins struck before the United States had even achieved its independence — a 1776 Continental dollar in pewter — is a centerpiece in a June auction by Spink USA.

by Paul Gilkes An American Liberty fractional gold coin is under consideration by the U.S. Mint for release in 2018. The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee is scheduled to review and discuss potential options at the June 21 meeting.

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