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Feb 13 2017

CNB Bank – Personal Loans #guaranteed #payday #loans

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Personal Loans

Whatever your plans may be from consolidating credit card bills to planning your dream vacation we re here to help you find a loan that best fits your needs. CNB Bank prides itself on quick loan decisions, easy-to-understand applications and competitive interest rates.

Be sure to check out our available loans and lines of credit.

For when you want to borrow a specific amount of money at one time, and then pay it back through regular monthly payments

In most cases, a customer s signature alone may suffice

Can tailor the term to fit your needs, so you can comfortably make payments over the term of the loan

We offer a reduced interest rate when your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your CNB checking account saving you time and money and making payments easy

eBanking, GoMobile and ServiceCall can be used to access your loan account information

Certain geographic restrictions apply on this type of loan.


    An unsecured revolving line of credit which allows you to borrow money when you want it simply by writing a special check

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