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Capitec Bank Internet Banking

Capitec loans

Capitec Bank Internet Banking Technology has transformed a lot of business sectors worldwide including the banking sector, and Capitec Bank has been keeping abreast with global technological advances to ensure that its customers get the best banking experience. The popularity of internet banking started in South Africa around 2004 and has continued to grow in popularity, and this has made banking services faster and efficient.

According to recent research from South African Customer Satisfaction it has been proven that Capitec is the top leader in providing banking on online services followed by FNB. Not only do you have the flexibility of using internet banking, but you can also download their banking app and bank anywhere 24/7.

What can be done using Capitec Bank internet banking?

Using Capitec Bank Internet Banking allows you to bank on the go , whether you are at your favourite restaurant, or simply want to pay bills, this facility allows you to control your money more effectively. There are various other benefits of using internet banking from Capitec Bank and among these includes the following:

  1. Ability to transfer money from one account to another
  2. Pay cell phone related expenses, electricity and other bills.
  3. Include people you want as beneficiaries to your account.
  4. Update card limit for everyday use.
  5. Transfer of credit facility.
  6. Internet service can be accessed on a smart phone for user convenience.
  7. Capitec bank internet banking has extra security features such as remote PIN.

How to use Capitec Bank Internet Banking

To use Capitec Bank Internet Banking the process is very easy, all you have to do is visit their website and sign in to use banking facility using internet. Follow the easy instruction steps with guide lines. Choose your new personal PIN and be able to access your funds conveniently at any time. To get the banking app simply sign in and follow the download instructions provided, choose a new Remote PIN and that s it, It s as easy as that!

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