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America’s Leading Source For Bird and Pest Control Products and Services

For over twenty years, Fly-Bye Bird Control Products has been a leader in the manufacture and sale of the best priced bird control and pest control products that are used throughout the United States, as well as internationally including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and the Pacific Rim. Strategically located in the Pacific Northwest Near Seattle, Washington in Kirkland, Washington – Fly-Bye Bird Control Products (Bird Barriers, Bird Repellents, Bird Controls, Bird Netting, and Bird Pest Control Services)also has extensive experience in the installation of our bird control and pest control products in our region the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho thorough-out North America including bird control in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. Fly-Bye Bird Control Products bird control and pest control products are used where safety and sanitary (health and wellness) conditions and compliance are important, such as schools, hospitals, railroad stations, airports, aircraft hangars, as well as commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, production plants, and facilities. While Fly-Bye Bird Control Products bird control and pest control products are incorporated in numerous initial designs of buildings, we have found that 90% of our bird control products are add-ons in other words, installed after the building or structure has been constructed and it is realized there s a bird nesting or roosting problem. In addition, Fly-Bye Bird Control Products sells bird control and pest control products directly to contractors, bird control and pest control specialty companies and homeowners. Furthermore, Fly-Bye Bird Control Products bird control and pest control products are the best priced and most economical in the entire bird control and pest control industry. Fly-Bye Bird Control Products is also a member in good standing of the National Pest Management Association, Washington State Pest Management Association & Oregon State Pest Management Association.

Our bird control products include:

Bird spikes in wide spike, extra wide spike and narrow spike versions

Humane bird capture nets, bird nets and bird canopies

Bird netting installation accessories including netting cable, netting hardware (such as ferrules, J-brackets, S-hooks, anchors, flange clips, hog rings, turnbuckles, net clips, angle brackets, screw anchors, zippers and zipper pulls)

Shock strips, shock strip chargers (constructed for use in Canada, the United States, and Europe) for both plug in and solar power applications)

Humane live bird traps for sparrows, pigeons and starlings

Visual bird deterrents bird umbrellas, Scare Eye balloons and Terror Eye balloons, hawk silhouettes, avian dissuader laser devices, gull sweeps, plastic owls

Our bird spikes are constructed of 100% stainless steel, ensuring many years of worry-free service. Fly-Bye Bird Control Products bird net is constructed of twisted knotted polyethylene twine, which provides great strength, and is available in a range of mesh sizes; custom mesh or twine sizes that are available upon request. Our bird net manufacturing process also includes treating the bird netting with fire resistant and ultraviolet stabilizers that both stiffen the netting material and improve chemical resistance.

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