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Aug 31 2017

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Physical Therapy Forest Hills Rehabilitation

You Found It!

If you are suffering with pain, injury, or degenerative conditions, recovering from orthopedic surgery, dealing with mobility or balance issues, or just trying to get back to your favorite sport, then you may be a candidate for physical therapy.

Physical therapy and physical therapists however can be vastly different from one facility to the next.

The physical therapists at Forest Hills Rehabilitation, working closely with sports medicine physicians, offer you support to help restore function, improve mobility, alleviate pain and reduce or prevent permanent physical handicaps often sustained from various injuries through exceptional physical therapy.

We are conveniently located in Forest Hills, Queens, just one block from 71st (Continental) Avenue between Queens Blvd and Austin Street.

We are easily accessible by all public transportation, accept most major insurance plans, and offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to fit your busy schedule.

Contact us anytime and we will be happy to answer all of your questions

Physical Therapy facilities often offer very different types of treatment depending on the scope of their practice.

Physical Therapy at Forest Hills Rehabilitation typically involves a hands on approach for most of the conditions and patients that we treat. Since we do diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, we offer different types of treatment to allow for the multitude of orthopedic and neurologic conditions we see on a daily basis.

Our physical therapy programs are also designed to help you progress through the different phases of care: acute, rehabilitative, restorative and wellness.

All phases of care will be accompanied with proper home care to complement your physical therapy program.

Many of our patients present with some type of pain complaint. These patients are typically termed acute . If this describes your situation, you will likely require a more passive form of physical therapy care.

Once your pain has lessened, physical therapy can progress to a more involved type of care – rehabilitative – and will usually bring you back to pre-injury status.

Our goal is to not only make sure that you are not feeling better and functioning as you did before the onset of pain, but to also make sure that you do not suffer a re-injury. In this stage of care, we provide more advanced exercises, focus on proper postures, body movements and activities of daily living.

When you finish a physical therapy program with us, you should feel great, have improved strength and flexibility, be more aware of proper postures and body movements, and ultimately function at a higher level than you were able to prior to your injury.

Cryotherapy (Ice) – Primarily used to control pain & inflammation
Moist Heat – Helps to decrease spasm & stiffness while increasing blood flow to promote healing
Electric Stimulation – Decreases pain & spasm, while increasing circulation. Used in conjunction with heat or ice.
Ultrasound – Helps increase circulation to promote healing as well as decreasing pain, spasm, inflammation
Passive Movement – Our physical therapists specialize in joint movements. Passive movements initiate normal joint movements with minimal pain or muscle involvement.

Massage – Helps decrease pain, spasm, and inflammation
Stretching – Decreases muscle tension which helps to decrease pain & stiffness, ultimately relieving pain and initiating normal movement patterns
Joint Mobilization – Gentling moving joints through normal ranges
Ultrasound – Helps increase circulation to promote healing as well as decreasing pain, spasm, inflammation
Active Movement – Your physical therapist will demonstrate and initiate you actively moving in normal patterns steadily progressing with resistance.
Bicycle, Elliptical Trainer, Resistive Exercises – Allows for crossover between passive care and active care, progressing to a complete strengthening routine.
Posture, Balance, Gait – If indicated your physical therapist will emphasize proper postures, while improving gait and balance to allow for more complex movements and exercises

In this stage care, your physical therapist will continue proper home care routines, and likely continue with many of the aforementioned PT modalities such as joint mobilization and stretching. Of course the intensity will likely be increased depending on your tolerance, diagnosis, and plan of care. Additional physical therapy modalities may include:

Strengthening – Your physical therapist will steadily increase the types of resistance / strengthening in your exercise program to stabilize the area of treatment and prevent future injury.
Advanced Movement Patterns – In order to prevent rein jury and complete recovery, your physical therapist will guide you through advanced movements so that you can live your life to the fullest
Activities of Daly Living Training – Your physical therapist will teach you how to move throughout your day, custom tailored to your normal activities.

How is Forest Hills Rehabilitation Different?

Many offices promise quality care only to find out that after the first visit, you never see the actual physical therapist again or at least until the next evaluation date.

At this office we only employ NYS licensed physical therapists, as opposed to the aides or assistants you find at other neighborhood offices. Three fully licensed physical therapists, with extensive training in outpatient care will be available for you at every session.

Additionally you will have access to our full-time personal trainers, all of whom are supervised by our tenured medical physicians.

Provided there are no contraindications you will receive hands-on physical therapy at every treatment session.

You will also receive active instruction custom tailored for you – not standard hand-out sheets. When you follow through with your physical therapy plan, you can expect to not only be free from pain, but you will be more flexible, stronger, and healthier than ever before!

We are easily accessible by all public transportation, accept all major insurance plans, and offer early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to fit your busy schedule.

If you have been searching for an exceptional physical therapy rehabilitation clinic, or if you have experienced back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, sports injury, or car accident injury you may be a candidate for conservative physical therapy at our Forest Hills office.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today!

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