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Aircraft Finance

Pilot Bank has provided aircraft financing through its affiliate, National Aircraft Finance Company, since 1996.  Pilot Bank and NAFCO’s relationship gives you access to personal and commercial business banking, treasury management, health savings accounts and mortgage services when you finance or upgrade your aircraft.

NAFCO’s vast client base and leading industry partners are a testament to our expertise, established reputation and proven efficiency as we continue to fund general aviation. We differentiate ourselves from other finance companies with our unique ability to finance a variety of different aircraft. We provide US domestic aircraft financing to corporations and individuals. We are one of the few companies who fund purchases of experimental aircraft, kits, vintage, piston and turboprop planes without age restrictions. NAFCO’s goal is to provide the most competitive financing and the best service in the industry for general aviation aircraft.

When you contact NAFCO, you will personally talk to aircraft lenders, seasoned professional pilots, and dedicated aviation loan closing experts.  Our office is located on the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL) in Florida and handles all loan processing and documentation.

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