Apr 23 2020

Jackson county sheriff’s office

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D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Since initiated in 1983, over 100 million children have been informed about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Sergeant Johnny Hollifield

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Since initiated in 1983, over 100 million children have been informed about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Sergeant Johnny Hollifield instructs fifth graders for all Jackson County Public Schools in D.A.R.E.

Sergeant – Johnny Hollifield


The Sheriff’s Traffic Enforcement Program, or otherwise known as STEP, is responsible for working traffic throughout Jackson County with an emphasis on secondary roads, traffic accidents and special events. STEP will also attend any traffic safety related events that your school or business may wish to host. STEP also provides demonstrations with the Seat Belt Convincer and Drunk Driving Golf Cart Simulator for public and school events. If you have any traffic safety concerns, whether enforcement or informational, please email the STEP Sergeant.

Seat Belt Convincer

The Seat Belt Convincer is a demonstration trailer purchased by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office with funding from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office in order to provide a unique way to “Convince” participants to buckle up when they operate or ride in a motor vehicle. The rider is restrained in an automobile seat and approved seat belt. The sled travels down at speeds around 5mph coming to an abrupt stop, simulating a 5mph vehicle collision. The Convincer is available to come to your public event, or school. The Convincer is also available for use by any law enforcement agency, especially those in Western North Carolina.



Sergeant Blake Watson

The Courts in Jackson County are secured by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office as required by the North Carolina General Statutes. Courtroom security is overseen by Lieutenant James Clawson. In addition to his duties as the bailiff, Lieutenant Clawson is also assisted in the courtroom by Bailiffs Anthony Bermudez and Van Anthony. Multiple types of courts are held in Jackson County Courtrooms to include a variety of District and Superior Courts and Grand Jurys. The Sheriff’s Office also maintains the security at the Jackson County Justice Center. Officers assigned to Justice Center security are, Jessica Beasley, Brian Welmon, Kent Davis, and Graham Page.


Lieutenant James Clawson

The Sheriff’s Emergency Tactical Team (S.E.T.T.) was formed in 1995. S.E.T.T. is similar to what is traditionally known as Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.). The Jackson County S.E.T.T. team consists of twleve sworn Jackson County Sheriff’s Office personnel, and one Certified Tactical Medic. This team performs high risk search warrants, hostage rescues, high risk warrant service, and a variety of other special operation tasks.

School Resources

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office maintains a school resource officer at four of the Jackson County Public Schools. Smoky Mountain High School, Smokey Mountain Elementary, Blue Ridge School, and the HUB. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office also works with Southwestern Community College providing two full time Deputies on the Sylva campus of SCC. These officers work for the Sheriff but are assigned to work for the schools. The resource officer works hand in hand with school officials to keep the schools a safe place to learn for our children.

Sergeant Chris Cabe
Resource Officer – The Hub
828-5864328 ext. 1523

Sergeant Avery Brown
Resource Officer – SCC

Deputy Renee Clontz
Resource Officer – Smokey Mountain Elementary

Deputy Dustin Nicholson
Resource Officer – Blue Ridge High School
828-743-2646 ext. 1399

Deputy Nan Tritt
Resource Officer –SMHS
828-586-2177 ext. 2911

Deputy Steve Collins
Resource Officer – SCC

Crime Stoppers

Jackson County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers

CALL: 828-631-1125


Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
399 Grindstaff Cove Road
Sylva, NC 28779
Attention: Crime Stoppers

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Jackson county sheriff’s office


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