Mar 22 2020

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What is the meaning of loan


Margin Loan

A Margin Loan allows you to borrow to invest in growth assets, such as shares and managed funds, meaning you can increase your investment opportunities more than if you were using only your own funds.

Leveraged offers competitive fixed and variable interest rates. Check out the Interest Rate Schedule and Fee Schedule or call us on 1300 307 807 for more information.

Check out the difference borrowing to invest can make in this case study.

Features you can add to your Margin Loan

Combine Exchange Traded Options with your Margin Loan

Exchange Options Plus allows you to combine a number of options strategies using Exchange Traded Options (ETOs). Depending on your circumstances, ETOs can form part of your overall investment strategy to create wealth and protect your share portfolio under your Margin Loan or Investment Funds Multiplier.

Benefits of Exchange Options Plus:

Instalment gearing

Instalment Plus combines two investment strategies: borrowing to invest, and regular investing. By implementing a regular savings and investment plan you can progressively build an investment portfolio.

You need just $1,000 with a minimum loan of $2,000 to get started, with a minimum monthly contribution of $250.

Benefits of Instalment Plus:

  • Buy through the ups and downs of the market
  • You may be able to buy at a lower average price if the overall price is trending upward
  • Progressively build an investment portfolio

Combine short selling with your Margin Loan

Short Plus allows you to implement a short selling strategy, using your Margin Loan to borrow the shares. Depending on your circumstances, short selling can form part of your overall investment strategy to create and protect wealth in a falling market.

Benefits of Short Plus:

  • Profit from a falling security price
  • Continue to trade and potentially profit from a bear market
  • An alternative hedging strategy to warrants or options
  • Pursue a long/short or pairs trading strategy so you can potentially profit on both sides of the trade
  • Potentially earn interest on your short selling collateral, helping offset other interest costs associated with your margin loan

Earn Qantas Points with Leveraged

Rewards Plus offers you a way to earn Qantas Points, to keep your Frequent Flyer membership active and help you to enjoy the benefits you want sooner.

Benefits of Rewards Plus:

  • Enjoy the benefits of membership of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program
  • Earn Qantas Points to redeem on flights, flight upgrade awards, products from the Qantas Store, hotels, wine and more

You earn Qantas Points based on your loan balance. The table below shows you how many Qantas Points you could potentially earn using Rewards Plus. This is valid for accounts opened after 1 August 2016.


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