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Borrowers Due to the huge losses suffered by commercial lenders during the Great Recession, banks are much tougher when they underwrite commercial loans these days. Will you qualify? It all depends on the three C’s of underwriting – credit, capacity to repay, and collateral. Let’s look at credit first. Commercial banks are the lenders who […]

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Student Loan Consolidation Student Loan Refinancing Refinancing your student loans sounds great. But it’s not for everyone. Consolidating student loans via refinancing is best for people whose financial position – in terms of employment, cash flow, and credit – has improved since they graduated from school. People who are working in the public sector or […]

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Fast Cash Loans Philippines Call Us To Discuss Your Loan Today The Lending Experience You Deserve Philippine s leading, most trusted, SEC licensed lending company. We are all about helping you create breathing space in a cash crisis – great rates, great service, awesome benefits and perks. A+ Rating moneylender in business publications 50,000+ satisfied […]

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National News Sen. Warren Doesn t Like Navient Acquisition of Earnest Senator Warren (center) with a couple of colleagues at a campaign rally in. Betsy DeVos Breaks Headlines, Suggesting Student Loan Subsidization Paid for ACA New Tax Bill Spells Bad News for Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction CFPB Releases New Report with Student Loan Borrower […]