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#hard money loans # Hard Money Loans Submitted by Tom Kerr on writer https://plus.google.com/105551280029329720295?rel=author May 16, 2007 /hard-money-loans Mortgage 922 Mortgage Articles Mortgage Loan Hard money loans are made by lenders willing to accept greater risks than mainstream mortgage companies and banks. In exchange for providing loans to borrowers who would otherwise be turned down, […]

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#bad credit loans nz # Have Bad Credit? Are you looking for Bad Credit Payday Cash Loans NZ Online with Ferratum? You may have had difficulties in the past with other providers. Ferratum can provide fast cash loans and quick payday loans for people with a bad credit record.  Unfortunately, you are NOT eligible for […]

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#small business funding # Government Grants There’s a pervasive myth that there’s no funding available for businesses. This is not the case – if you meet the criteria there’s government grants available for your business. The South African government is well aware of the importance of developing the economy, creating employment and attracting foreign investment. […]